Photo by Sudipto Das. Shortlisted story for the 2018 edition 


London Business School is a school with the power to convene curious and ambitious minds. It exists to have a profound impact on the way the world does business and the way business impacts the world.


Corporate decisions often extend beyond employees and clients to supporting and engaging with 

communities in a meaningful way. Purpose and mission-driven organisations are key drivers of human development through their capacity to tackle outstanding issues and generate shared value for society.

These issues have been widely discussed, but are today’s corporations, NGOs and business people really engaged?  What is being done to address them and how do these actions affect the business environment on a grand scale?​

The LBS Photography Awards celebrate photography that explores how business affects people’s lives, communities, and the environment. 


The Awards aim to use visual-storytelling to strengthen, and influence, the urgent conversations that are currently taking place on topics of global significance.

Photojournalism plays a key role in encouraging, strengthening and influencing the narrative around these topics. 

By creating the LBS Photography Awards, we hope to intensify this conversation. 



"The LBS Photography Awards are a platform that uses visual-storytelling to strengthen and influence the conversation around topics of global significance." 

Daniele Molteni

Creator of LBS Photography Awards

London Business School is one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. We shape business practice and transform careers across the globe. Our academic strength drives original and provocative business thinking, empowering our people to challenge conventional wisdom in a truly unique academic environment. Our people are a reflection of the city in which we are based, where commerce, finance, science, the arts, media, heritage and multiculturalism collide with energy and enthusiasm.

The LBS Photography Awards are an initiative led by the LBS Photography Club and supported by the London Business School.

Named after Tony and Maureen Wheeler, founders of The Lonely Planet Guide, the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development (Wheeler Institute) at London Business School (LBS) was launched in 2018 to build awareness about the unique role business can play to improve the economic, social and physical wellbeing of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.


The Wheeler Institute aims to transform lives through its insights, its ability to identify, link and apply relevant business research and expertise, and through accelerating the adoption and scaling of solutions. It will facilitate collaboration between business, policy makers, and researchers in identifying and promoting solutions. It will engage its students as sources of inspiration in identifying solutions and as long term agents of change in implementing those solutions.


The Wheeler Institute believes that not only can it play a role, but also that it has a responsibility, in ensuring the next generation of business leaders are ethical and competent and able to operate and lead sustainable growth in complex and wide-ranging environments.

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