Brad Temkin

Green roofs or eco roofs are living, ever-changing entities which are largely invisible and inaccessible to the general public. Instead, they serve a more cogent purpose, as the harbinger of urban sustainability. These gardens insulate and protect the structures while replenishing the atmosphere with oxygen, reducing our carbon footprint through photosynthesis – all while beautifying our surrounding landscape and living space.  
Rooftop addresses what some contemporary urban pioneers are doing to mitigate the consequences of non-renewable energy consumption by countering heat island effect, improving storm water control, and reducing our carbon footprint. It is a representation of the hypothesis that humans are bonded in some way together with nature and all living things. We need nature. We do better around nature, we are happier, and we are more productive. Busy skylines, symbols of our growth, are juxtaposed in contrast with buildings covered in plantings. These living and elevated landscapes represent the judicious reintroduction of nature, flourishing in a new urban setting. They serve as reminders. Rooftop shows our grace and ingenuity, and how we are integrating booming urbanization with a more responsible infrastructure and a healthier environment.

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