The Fight Outside the Ring

Seila Montes Gonzalez 

Mexican wrestling is a big part of the popular culture in México. The professional wrestlers are venerated while they are active fighters but, in the majority of cases, they have to retire because of age or injuries. Once they are retired, there is no institution or federation that will take care of them or their injuries. In some cases, they have a parallel profession that they continue once retired. In others, they have to grab whatever is available to be able to live and pay for medical expenses. From selling tacos to selling herbal products from home to continuing a teaching job at the local school.


I set out to create a series of portraits of the fighters outside the wrestling contest, their daily fight. They are characters that are part of the popular Mexican culture, praised and adored inside the ring and yet forgotten by federations and administrations once retired. When their fighting years are over the world that they knew collides with the real world, where they have to reinvent themselves to make a living, despite their injuries, and this time without help. 

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