Women in Innovation

Amelia Troubridge

1 in 3 women says her gender has negatively impacted her career in innovation. This needs to change.


Innovate UK, the nation’s innovation agency, believes that the most disruptive innovation can only occur when great and diverse minds meet and get access to proper support mechanisms to realise their ideas. Women’s participation in the innovation ecosystem is crucial to the development of work that will truly change the world. Not only for these women themselves, but for everybody – boosting female entrepreneurship could deliver approximately £180 billion to the UK economy.


Over the past year, Innovate UK has focused its support on women working in innovation. These women are working to ensure that their ideas are heard and that they have the resources, support and self-belief to turn these ideas into successful businesses. This followed the insight that just 1 in 7 applications for business funding to Innovate UK came from women.


Pictured here are some of the 34 Women in Innovation Award Holders from Innovate UK’s first competition solely for women. This group represents the UK’s most promising female entrepreneurs. The exciting innovations that these women are working on include the optimisation of cancer treatments, creation of sustainable alternatives to animal products and solutions to the air pollution and waste crises.


You’ll notice here that a woman in innovation doesn’t look a certain way. She doesn’t have one background, one education, one location, one demeanour, one approach, or one style. We recognise, encourage and promote these differences and the diverse ideas they bring forward.


It is Innovate UK’s hope that, in partnering with Getty to create real depictions of women in innovation, and highlighting the many identities of female entrepreneurs, they can create a lasting legacy. This is what will inspire other women to recognise their most entrepreneurial and innovative ideas, and to pursue their ambitions.

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